Create beautiful music in Lily - a playful music creation game for people of all ages and musical abilities.



Powerful sequencing ability including tempo controls, sequence randomization, and eight musical scales over three octaves.


Get a classic 1980’s Sci-Fi sound with these retro lilies.


Available now in lily

Also available on Desktop



Explore music and melody

Explore music and melody to produce delightful, tuneful lily ponds. Relax in a calming, creative experience in which there is no winning or losing - only artistic exploration and expression.


Develop musical harmonies and intricate compositions

Use the lilies to compose looping melodies and develop musical patterns and harmonies. Alter each lily's petal count to create tunes of different lengths and produce interesting, evolving pieces.

Develop intricate compositions using lily pads to control the playback of lilies over time. Chain lily pads together to form networks and produce complex musical arrangements.


UI Graph is a powerful menu system for Unity that lets you easily create complete user-interfaces by building them visually in a flow graph.


As an iOS developer using Xcode, I can’t begin to explain how amazing and powerful this asset is to Unity developers.
— Asset Store Customer
I highly recommend this, for any type of project that will require a dynamic or simple and sleek menu system this can’t be beat!
— Asset Store Customer


Create music, compose melodies, and craft soundscapes in Songbirds - a playful musical game for people of all ages and musical abilities.